At I Am Zambia we know that Education Changes Everything and that’s why it’s such an important component of our organization. We also know that an education without eventual access to jobs makes life harder and more frustrating for our most vulnerable students.

The I Am Zambia Teveta Academy was designed to help fill this gap. It’s not easy to become a TEVETA certified program, but we DID IT, and now our students will have an even greater opportunity for employment and skills development. Becoming a cycle-breaker just got a little easier.

TEVETA Zambia is the Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority institution created by the legislative governing body for Zambia and overseen by the Zambian Ministry of Education.  It’s general function is to regulate, coordinate and monitor technical education, vocational and entrepreneurship training in consultation with industry, employers, employees and other stakeholders.

What do students learn?

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